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7-8 October 2024

Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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About Us


ARGE Gentechnik-frei (Platform for GMO-free Food Products) has been a pioneer in the Non-GMO sector for 25 years. Founded in Austria in 1997, ARGE Gentechnik-frei is Europe’s most widespread Non-GMO labelling system, with several complete production segments (dairy, poultry, eggs) labelled “Ohne Gentechnik hergestellt”.


Donau Soja is a European, multi-stakeholder and non-profit organisation supporting the European Protein Transition with a particular emphasis on sustainable, deforestation-free, Non-GM soya production. The organisation is based in Vienna, with regional offices in Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova, supported by more than 300 active members in 25 countries and 24 European governments.


The European Non-GMO Industry Association (ENGA) is the voice of the Non-GMO food and feed sector at the EU level. It secures and supports the expansion of Non-GMO production and advocates for the strict regulation of old and new GMOs in order to keep untested GMOs from entering the EU food and feed chains.


The ProTerra Foundation is a Dutch nonprofit organization, founded in 2012, that creates a global network of companies that support more sustainable agricultural practices in the food and feed supply chains. The ProTerra Foundation holds the non-GMO ProTerra certification standard and related audit methodology.


The German Association for Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG) provides a platform for the exchange of information in the production and marketing of "Ohne Gentechnik" (Non-GMO) food and animal feed. VLOG assigns the "Ohne GenTechnik" seal for food and the "VLOG geprüft" (VLOG verified) seal for feed.

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